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Credit Cards Debt Consolidation

September 13th, 2009

If you are one among millions of Americans who have a dozen or so credit cards all used up, then you know you have a chronic debt management problem.  For so long, credit has been so easy to get. Now, with a severe credit crunch that has messed up the economy and brought hundreds of companies to their knees, you get to start rethinking your way of life.  Maintaining your debt-ridden lifestyle through oodles of credit needs to end.  You won’t get rid of debt entirely.  But you need to put a more fiscal debt management to reign in on your lifestyle.

On the Road to Recovery

This will take time.  Accumulating credit card debts over the years won’t end in a matter of days, unless you won the lotto or got a windfall inheritance from some unheard-of relative.  You need to plan this through.  One popular option is to go into credit cards debt consolidation.

Consolidating your debts when you have so many from various creditors is often a wise thing to do to kick of any debt reduction effort. But only if you satisfy these conditions:

  • The consolidation loan carries a smaller interest rate than that of any of your credit cards.  This is the only way to make sense out of this option.  You can then reap some savings from debt servicing just one lender.


  • Majority of your credit cards’ outstanding balances are transferred or assumed by the new consolidation loan so that you reduce the number of your creditors and simplify your payment schedules accordingly.


  • Don’t repeat your spending habits that brought you to your credit card woes.


The last is perhaps the most important consideration when you consolidate credit cards debt.   Bear in mind that after paying off the balances on your credit cards, you effectively have a new credit line.  The temptation to splurge rears itself anew and unless you can reign-in on your compulsion to spend,  not only could you end up in the same predicament when you started, it could be worst, since you now have a consolidated loan to pay off on top of those credit card balances.

Self-discipline is Key

Some effort in reducing your credit cards can be rewarding.  Try to rationalize the number of credit cards you have.  Retain only one or two for your groceries, utility bills and another reserved for emergency use.  Surrender the rest to their respective issuers.  This might take some courage but minimizing the temptation to spend that comes with having so many credit cards will definitely be a concrete step to debt relief.

Otherwise, and this may be true for most Americans, you may need to seek professional help in debt management. There are debt counselors out there that can help you for a fee.  This is no different from getting psychiatric help but you can look at as in investment in getting trained to be on your own eventually.  If you can’t do it for now, get someone to do it for you. This is debt counseling which should go hand-in-glove with any effort at debt reduction and consolidating credit cards debt.

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Justified Payday Loans

August 25th, 2009

Many Americans get by with payday loans often to survive some emergencies or just make ends meet to tide them over between paydays.  These loans are basically short-term personal loans made against their next paycheck. The problem lies when you start to get used to securing one often because your paycheck just can’t match your spending habit.  You end up working and making lenders prosper with their rates.  There have been critics to this type of loans.   They have lambasted the practice as being usuriously profitable at the expense of the poor struggling middle classes. But prudently used, they can be the light at the end of a dark tunnel .

A Real Help When Needed

Lifestyles have a way of overtaking one’s income level so that you spend more than what you earn.  The result is that you end up short to meet your needs a few days before your next payday.  When you know you can take a loan against your next paycheck, critics say it puts less control on your spending habits between paydays, discourages savings and asset accumulation while making usurious lenders prosper at the misery of their borrowers. 

That’s one side of the coin.  Everything has its good and bad effect.  Nuclear fission is both a bane and a boon to humanity.  So are provisions for advancing your paycheck. One can use it with gay abandon so that you end-up mired in debt.  Or you can use payday loans sparingly to tide you over when push comes to shove in your personal finances.

Renewing the Loan

When you have a secure and steady income source, you get to be confident in managing and juggling your financial sources with personal loans like this.  For many, renewing payday loans or "flipping" it over becomes a reasonable option when things start to be less than as budgeted or planned.  You pay the entire principal with interest and get another loan.   It becomes similar to paying only the minimum amount on your credit card statement.  Regular renewals are quite common with many in dire financial straits. It may be difficult to let go because effectively, you’d always be a pay period behind.  But with the hope that the economy and an anticipated increase in salary, loan renewals can eventually stop.

Extending the loan

This is a more prudent and longer term option.  When the borrower fails to make the pay-off on the loan’s maturity date, there is always the option offered to restructure the loan so that the principal can be spread and the borrower can pay in smaller but equal payments stretched out over a longer period, say three months. 

There are states where you can extend your payday advance where the borrower can restructure it into a standard or regular loan payable in equal installments over a certain period of time, certainly much longer than just a 2-week period.  This may ease the principal loan repayments somewhat, but expect additional processing charges. This is about the only recourse borrowers have if they cannot meet their loan maturity dates.  Lenders who are also members of the trade unions are to offer this payment plan extension at no cost to borrower members.  In some states like Washington, this is a legal mandate. 

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What Can You Do with Your Money

April 28th, 2009

Money is something most people value because they know that they worked so hard to get some of it.  They know that they have to put or use it in something worthwhile and not just something that seems to be unimportant.  Other things that they have to worry about are getting the right pension for them and their family.  They could even ask information about UK pension transfers so that they would have no problem when the time comes that they want to avail this.

Sometimes, even though they have no plans of opening a bank account, they cannot do anything about it because they have to.  Aside from they want to safe keep some of their resources; they want that guarantee that they have some money stashed away in the bank.  This helps them to sleep soundly at night because they know that this is something they never regret doing.  It may take some practice before a person actually makes it a habit to go to the bank and deposit some of his money.

Nevertheless, availing for transfer of pension is not that hard to do as long as you have that sense of responsibility.  Even though you may not be able to afford the current pension scheme that you have now, at least there is the chance that you will be able to continue paying for the pension at a much lower scheme this time.  The importance of having pension is something people should realize.  It is not every day that you get chance to prepare for your future and not be wary about it.

Aside from putting your money in the bank or investing it in your pension, you could also give some to charity.  Surely, people will highly appreciate this gesture.  Think about it.  Those who have extra money will probably give some of their blessings to the poor.  This is to show that they too care for the people living below the poverty line.  They do this not because they want to be famous but because they have a kind heart.  They believe that if they help others, more blessings will come their way.  Of course, you would not expect every rich person to give donations to charity.  However, they have their own means on how to help others that are in dire need.

Pension transfers may take some time but surely, it is worth the wait.  In case you have some questions about the process, it is better that you direct your question to the person most appropriate to answer your question.  It is inevitable that problems arise due to miscommunication, misunderstanding and the likes.  Whether it is your fault or the company’s, it is the right of both sides to know what is going on.  As soon as you experience problems regarding your pension, you had better tell the company right away.  This will help avoid any more delays in the transaction.

Using money wisely can sometimes be a hard thing to do especially if you have that habit of overspending.  The inappropriate use of the credit cards can leave you in a disastrous state.  With the meager salary that you have, it is not a surprise to know that you are having problems paying your credit card bill.  There is nothing wrong in using your credit card, the thing is, you have to know when to and when not to use it.  You have to remember that you should use your credit card during emergencies only.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the pensions, you could always ask the help of pension transfer specialists.  They would be able to enlighten you in the situations or ideas that you do not know much about.  Even though you two may not be able to meet in a common ground, there is still a chance that you would.  After hearing both sides, perhaps you can come up with a compromise that will make the two of you happy with whatever you talked about before.

Just try to remember that whatever you chose, make sure that this is the best that you can think of for yourself and your family.  It is not about you anymore because you already have an obligation to someone else.  In the event that you do not want to continue paying for you pension, you have to tell this to the company so that they can work things out easily.  It may be hard to tell yourself that you have to stop this.  However, if all hope is gone, there is no choice left but to give in to failure and hope for the best.

There are still other ways on UK pension transfer.  You just have to know which one is the best one for you and try to stick with your decision.  Nothing will be better than to trust your instinct and find out in the end that you made the right choice despite the uncertainty.  Consulting other friends and relatives about this would be okay too as long as you are not narrow-minded.  There is no use to ask advice from the others if you already have the decision in mind.  It would not even help if you just want to justify what you are about to do.  Try to be firm in everything and be strong.

In the end, you will be able to tell yourself that you were able to make the right choices not only for you but for your family as well.  Hoping for the best in everything is what you should do because it helps to be optimistic at times.  There is nothing wrong if you are a very hopeful person because you too will need some sort of strength during such time when you feel that all hope is lost.  Money is not everything in the world.  However, it helps a person to survive in life when he has some resources to help him out in some things in his little world now.

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How to Save For Your Future

April 28th, 2009

Individuals always try to make sure that they would have a secured future because they want something better for them.  It is not always about the money since there are other things that they can enjoy.  One of which is the pension.  Even though they do not give huge contributions, they know that when they retire, they would still be able to get some money.  In case they are unable to pay for the current contribution, they could always ask for company pension transfer.

Despite the fact that you do not have the money with you now, there is always that hope of being able to live a comfortable life after working.  You can start by trying to cut off in buying unnecessary things like bags, designer clothes and the likes.  This will help you be able to save more and learn how to buy practical things.  People should always think about the future because money may not be in their side once they get older.

When people consult pension transfer specialists they try to consider and get the side of the experts on what they think is right for them.  Of course, people will take their word because they are educated in this field.  However, you too can state your side of the bargain and hope that things will work out between the two of you.  There is nothing wrong if you doubt what the specialist told you. 

There is always that chance that what he told you may not work.  Unless you have a better plan, you might want to check things out first before taking that risk.

Aside from the pension, you may also put some money in the bank so that you will be able to use them in the future.  You never know when the rainy days will come so it is better if you prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  Even though you feel that you would not be able to have a large sum of money in your bank account, the important thing here is that you still have some money.  Imagine the other people who live in the slums that work so hard every day just to put food on the table.  With multiple children and a meager salary, it is not surprising that most of them do not have spare money with them.

Fixing or preparing for the UK pension transfers need some time before you can actually avail them.  You should also remember that there are certain protocols that the company follows when it comes to such request.  It is not something that you can wait for overnight.  You have to be patient in this because you are not the only one who wants to have their pensions transferred.  However, you can still be optimistic about it and hope that your request processes faster than the usual.

In the event that you find yourself lost in some of the guidelines, you can always research on the internet or call up the company to find out.  Calling up the company occasionally and ask about your request is okay.  However, you should refrain from doing it repeatedly. 

The company or the agent might get angry with you and tell you that you do not know how to wait.  When the person tells you to call on a specific date or time, do it promptly.  This might be the only shot you will have to know the status of the request.

If you really want to save some effort, time and money, you should do some research before actually pursuing the UK pension transfer

For example, you might find in some of the websites the requirements needed, you can prepare this beforehand.  Once you get to the company, you can present these to them and then wait if you have to provide other documents before they continue the transferring.  Do not think about how much time and money you would have to waste because in the end, you will be able to reap the fruits of these.

Sometimes, you have to learn things the hard way before you tell yourself that you are ready for another dose of it.  Once you know everything that you have to, you would not have a hard time getting and finishing things just the way that you want them to. 

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses can help you big time especially if you have to make sacrifices to give way to the pension contributions that you will make.  You too have to look deep inside and convince yourself that you are a good person and would do everything that you can to prepare and save up for the future.

If you think that pensions transfer is not good at this time, then do not forgo with it.  Sometimes, it is better to trust and follow your instincts rather than following what the outside forces tell you to do.  Just try to find that inner voice within you and listen to what it tells you.  It may bring you pain at times, however, you have to understand that the pains will make you an even stronger person.  Individuals who do not know suffering and hurting are not real people.

Keep in mind that if you really want to have a better future ahead of you, you should start saving now while you can.  As soon as you land on a job, try your hardest to find the will to save some money for yourself.  It does not help you when you just spend all of your earnings into unnecessary and impractical things.  All you have to do now is to try your best to get whatever you can to help you prepare for your retirement.  Asking some of your friends and relatives on this endeavor can help you a lot since they already have an idea on what you need.  Once you get everything there is to know, start building your future slowly but surely.

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