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Advantages of Multiple Job Applications

May 11th, 2009

When looking for a job, oftentimes they just pass their resumé in only one company with the hope that they would consider him for the job.  However, they have to understand that they too have to exert extra effort if they want the company of their choice to hire them.  Starting to look for advertising marketing jobs would be fine too.  This is something they can work with in the meantime.

Looking for a part-time job near your house is also okay since you have to keep your options open until you find the job that you want.  This is also something that you have to think about like the salary, the cost of transportation and the likes.  It may be nice to work in a company quite far from your place however; you have to check too if the pay will work for you.  Not because you are working for a reputable company, it means that you have to deal with it.

If you think that, the pay you get from here is sufficient, it is a recommendation that you grab that opportunity.  It is not often that such great deals come your way.  Knowing the right advertising communications jobs would be enough for you to survive in the world.  Trying the other available vacancies would also be okay since it is your goal to pass as many resumé as you can for a greater chance for employment.  Even though you may be uncertain, whether the company will call you or not, at least you had your chance with them.  There are other companies in your locality that you can try out too.
Try not to be afraid when submitting your curriculum vitae because you would only submit that either personally or online.  Different companies have various preferences when it comes to the submission.  There are those that want their applicants to submit online and even though if they pass it personally, they would give more priority to those who followed the directions.  There are companies that want to see their applicants personally and perhaps get to know them more.  It is up to you to follow whatever you see in the job advertisement.

There are also advertising publishing jobs.  If you want to get the feel in working for a company that specializes in advertising publications, you might want to apply in companies that have their own publishing house.  This would be very helpful for you to know what it is.  However, ask before touching any of the machines, it is a recommendation that you talk to your superiors first.  They might have to tell you some minute instructions before you carry on with your directive.  Sometimes, it is also beneficial for you if you try to do some research on the machine to learn more about it.

You have to know that you have to take care of the machines because it is not yours.  However, once you get to familiarize yourself with the machine, you would be able to tell yourself that you know how to operate it.  It may be hard at first but once you get the hang of it, you do not have to worry about anything.  You would be able to operate the machines with ease and confidence.  It too is important that you know how to troubleshoot so that you know what to do when problems arise while you are using a particular machine.

You might want to consider applying for advertising sales jobs.  This is the job that wherein you have to rub shoulders with the other advertising companies and even prominent people in the advertising sphere.  This may be quite a hard job because you have to follow the sales of the advertisements and you too have to think of ways on how to make your sales go even higher.  With a little determination and push, you would be able to come up with some of the cleverest ideas that you can contribute to the advertising world.
Sales are very important because it determines whether the company is flourishing or going bankrupt.  Sometimes, it is hard to accept when things do not go your way.  However, you still have to be optimistic because you can still do something to turn things back to what they used to be.  You can ask the help of your colleagues to get things started.  Once you already know how and what to do, going solo will be fine too.  If you encounter some dilemmas, you should be able to get through with it on time.  When you delay the fixing of it, you can get yourself into bigger troubles.

When you feel that you already earned the respect of the other individuals in the advertising industry, you can opt for advertising consultant job.  At least they would be the one knocking on your door and not the other way around.  You can choose to be self-employed or be a consultant for one company. People who become consultants have plenty of years behind them for them to get this far in the advertising sphere.  Even though others may not believe on what he is saying, still most would take his advice and put it into action.

You can get many things out of submitting multiple job applications.  You would have a greater chance for employment.  You too would be able to have ample time to learn more about the company and what it is they do.  However, you have to understand too that even though you passed plenty of resumé, there is still no guarantee that you would get in.  You still have to keep on applying until you get a call from one of the companies.  Nevertheless, the interview would still be the thin line of your employment and unemployment.  Try to keep things straight to the point and be honest.  The least thing any company would want now is a liar in their company.  This would be bad for the company’s image.

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