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How to Choose and Apply Varnish

June 22nd, 2009

There is no such thing today as an all-purpose varnish. Varnishes are now made for special uses and for particular methods of application. In the classification for use there are short oil furniture rubbing varnishes, medium oil floor varnishes, long oil spar varnishes, flat varnishes, insulating varnishes, mixing varnishes, color varnishes, and quite a number of special varnishes. The list of varnishes classified by methods of application is short, but the types differ considerably.

Among them might be mentioned: air-drying varnishes, baking varnishes, spraying varnishes, brushing varnishes, and dipping varnishes. The user should always consider both the purpose of the varnish and the method of application which he finds available or most convenient. A set of appropriate precision measurement tools including measuring tape and measuring wheels will be necessary as well.

 If a varnisher wishes to apply a furniture rubbing varnish with a brush, he should obtain a varnish made for that particular purpose. A spraying varnish would be too thin. It should be remembered that synthetic, quick-drying varnishes are not easily “doctored” by use of thinners as was possible with the old fossil gum varnishes. Synthetic gum varnishes do not mix properly with varnish thinners when cold. A factory prepared varnish for each type of work and each method of application is necessary for good results today.

General Preparations for Brush Varnishing

There are several preliminaries to a successful job of brush varnishing. The following are some important preparations:

  • The varnish room should be cleaned and dusted during the afternoon of the day before the varnishing is to be done.  A clean room is necessary, not a dusty shop used for woodworking and cluttered with private label measuring tapes, distance measuring wheels, and other measuring equipments.
  • Prepare all surfaces to be varnished—smooth, sandpaper, and dust. Do this work in another room, not the place where varnishing is to be done. When revarnishing, it is very important to remove any old wax polish, furniture polish, grease, or oil from handling or dirt by washing, preferably with turpentine. Rough undercoats should be removed or smoothed properly.
  • Have a revolving varnish stand, if possible, because the varnishing light will always be at its best when the stand is properly turned.
  • Always use a clean varnish pot or container. A drip or wipe wire across the top is very helpful.  Clean tin cans make cheap and satisfactory varnish pots, which can be thrown away daily.
  • It is important that varnish be kept properly warmed during cold weather. Place the varnish pot on one or two hot bricks, or stand the pot in a vessel of hot water some minutes before the varnishing is started.
  • Do not try to thin or reduce quick-drying varnishes. They do not mix or thin well when cold.
  • Wipe off all dust from the object to be varnished by the use of a “tack rag” moistened in very thin varnish just before the varnishing is started.
  • Make sure that all undercoats are properly dried before varnishing.
  • The varnisher should wear dust-free and reasonably clean clothes, or dirt and lint may get into some newly varnished surface.

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Adoptive Parents Have Rights As Well As Responsibilities

May 11th, 2009

There are many rights and responsibilities that you have as an adoptive parent. There are also many common adoption myths that are false when it comes to your rights as an adoptive parent. Even if the cost of being a teen parent is too much for the mother she has the same rights as a mother that’s in her 20′s, and you need to know her rights as well as yours.

You may have heard of the term relinquishment being used by a Knoxville adoption attorney. Relinquishment is the voluntary termination of parental rights of the birthmother. This term is also used for any stepparent that is a guardian over a child. There are several things that you need to know about the relinquishment of rights.

The most important thing to know is that the laws on relinquishment vary from state to state. This means you should consult a Tennessee adoption lawyer to find out what the laws are. It’s of the upmost importance that you know the laws of relinquishment for your state. There are many ways that the laws of relinquishment can vary. Here are some of the most common relinquishment laws that you should familiarize yourself with if you’re thinking about adopting a child.

Relinquishment is sometimes a judicial process. This means that you have to go to court to be able to relinquish your rights. In other states you can simply sign the papers in front of the representatives of the agency and then get it notarized.

Relinquishment may be the termination of parental rights in your state, while in other’s it’s only a part of the process. This can make a big difference in how long the process takes.

In most of the states a mother is unable to sign the papers to relinquish her rights before the child is born. Even in the states that the mother is able to sign the relinquishment papers she doesn’t lose her rights until after the child is born.

Another notable law in most states is a revoke period. The revoke period is a period where the mother that is relinquishing rights can actually be revoked. In some states there is no revoke period while in others it can range from days to months. This is something that you would want to ask a Tennessee adoption lawyer as it’s a very important law when it comes to your rights.

Although it’s one of the most common adoption myths that fathers have no rights, they actually do. The biological father has to be notified of an adoption plan. He also has a right that he can have the chance to parent the child if he wants to. If these rights are ignored then the adoption may end up being contested or dissolved.

If you’re unsure about any of these laws in your state then you should consult the best adoption attorney Knoxville has. This will ensure that your rights are protected and it will also allow the adoption process to be a smooth one.

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What You Should Know About Getting a Career in Customer Service

April 20th, 2009

Before considering if you want to hold a clerical customer service jobs or not, you should understand what it is first. Customer service is simply providing solutions or answers to customer questions or queries. Not all products and services function in a1 condition, performance is not constant and will be affected by external uncontrollable factors. Customer service is the means provided by companies to help customers deal with issues either by enhancement or sometimes replacement.

What are the qualifications needed?

Customer service requires frequent interactions with clients, it is therefore important that individuals planning to have a career in customer service have the ability to communicate properly and effectively. The individual must be able to listen properly and understand what a client needs to be able to respond appropriately. One must know how to positively script responses so that clients are not offended in any way.

Most of the time, customer service issues are in nature negative and in often time’s complaints. Simply put, you would not really contact a company’s customer service department just to congratulate them for a job well done. Clients or customers contact customer service representatives because they have issues or problems with the service. It is then easy to assume that clients one would be interacting with are not happy. Not knowing the right words to say or how to say it can leave the customer more frustrated and may even lead to losing the customer.

Customer service representatives should also be very patient and have a high tolerance for stress. Dealing with a lot of frustrated or disappointed customers maybe very taxing so people who are naturally patient and have high amounts of stress tolerance would do better in jobs of this nature.

There are also some companies who emphasize good physical appearances for people who want to get into their customer service departments because people who look good make customer interactions a lot more pleasant. Most often than not, people who are attractive have an easier tendency to put customers at ease so even if the qualification is a bit discriminating it is usually considered.

Assuming that you have these qualifications then you may want to check the organizational structure and positions usually associated with customer service.

The customer service organizational structure
Just like most departments and organizational structures, customer service starts with an entry-level position, which are usually customer service associate jobs. Customer service associates are those in the front lines of a customer service department. They interact directly with customers and they are the first line of contact between company and client. If workload is to be considered, associates usually have the heaviest load because they interact with clients day in and day out. As long as there is a customer in queue, the associate has some work to do. Their responsibilities are but not limited to maintenance of customer records, resolving customer issues, and processing customer requests.

Some companies allow students or fresh graduates to get customer service internship jobs for experience. These on the job training type jobs expose individuals to a customer service associate’s job without having to take on the responsibility that comes with it. This would be a great springboard for people who want to get their feet in the door because interns are usually offered jobs after the internship period if performance is satisfactory.

The organizational structure customer service have are stratified and multi level. There are a lot of promotional or career growth opportunities one can avail of after a few years of service. It is important to keep in mind though that promotions are based on experience and performance the higher a candidate has in both areas the higher chance of getting a promotion.

In general, the next step after an associate’s position are customer service officer jobs. Individuals who hold these positions handle specialized tasks that either provide support to associates or handle specialized groups of clients. These officers may have fewer tasks to do and have lighter workloads but have heavier responsibilities. Officers can also sometimes be referred to as specialists because they often attend to specialized functions. In a sense, an associates job is general and their responsibilities encompass most processes and procedures but do not go as deep or as in depth as officers do.

Some customer service officers act like team leaders or customer service associate supervisors. They supervise the associates and keep them in line, they make sure goals and directives are achieved. The officers act like micro managers sometimes even handle associate’s discipline like following rules and keeping attendance records clean.

Customer service basically deals with customer issues and concerns. However there are some instances where companies offer their services to other companies, at which point they no longer handle individual people but a group. These types of clients are usually called accounts and to be able to manage these clients properly, companies have workers handle customer service account manager jobs. Customer service account managers are like the client’s eyes and ears and speak for their behalf. They are directly employed the company that provides the service but his or her workload is for the client.

There are a lot more specialized positions that can be possible promotion opportunities for customer service associates after this. Specializing positions are usually dictated by the nature of the company. There are also options where an individual can even transfer from the customer service department to different departments like sales or collections.

A career in customer service could be a very great option for anyone who wants to have a lucrative and stable career. It is however important to keep in mind that just like all other jobs in the business world, success is highly determined by the amount of time and effort one invests in the job. If one works hard and maintains good records then promotional opportunities will come in due time. With enough patience and discipline, career success may just be a matter of a few years.

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