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Tile and Grout Cleaning – Pro Services

October 14th, 2008

You have probably enjoyed the beauty of your tile for some time but recently you’ve noticed a change. While the tile surface benefits from your routine surface cleaning, your grout seems to be getting worse. This is an unfortunate side-effect of tile flooring. You’ve probably tried to scrub the discoloration away only to get off your hands and knees tired and discouraged. The good news is that there are alternatives to endless afternoons scrubbing the floor. Here are a few tips to try on your own to help prevent tile and grout grime.

The first step is to get your existing tile and grout cleaned professionally. A trained professional can make your tile floor shine like new by using special equipment and chemicals. While professional tile and grout cleaners will cost more than purchasing cleaning supplies, think of the time you save yourself and the quality of the finished product. A small investment in your floor pays dividends in the end.

Now that your floor shines like new, you can now practice smart cleaning techniques. Start with a tile and grout seal. Seals can be purchased at any home improvement store and applied by the consumer. Better yet, seals can be applied after the cleaning process by your professional tile and grout cleaner. Seals act as a barrier to dirt and liquids preventing the tile and grout from absorbing them. Seals not only protect the tile and grout from discoloration, they also extend the life of the floor. Think of floor sealant like car wax. It protects your floor finish like car wax protects yur car finish.

With a properly sealed tile floor, your cleanup steps are much more effective and faster. Simply dry mop the floor daily and apply a mild detergent mixed with water semi-weekly dependent upon floor traffic. A house with two dogs and two toddles will definitely have to wet mop more frequently. The great news it that your newly sealed floors repel the dirt and mud rather than soak it in making cleaning a snap!

To enjoy the new found benefits of your sealed floor, re-applications of sealant are necessary. The frequency of applications vary based upon tile type and the level of foot traffic in the household. Regardless of traffic, seal should be reapplied at least yearly. Consult your floor cleaning professional for more information.

Following these simple steps will guarantee your tile floor will remain clean and vibrant for years to come.

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Blogging-Newest and Hottest Trend

July 19th, 2008

Have you blogged before? If not you could be in the minority right now. Blogging has come to the forefront as a way to express opinions, sell items, or keep in touch with your loved ones. Blogging in its simplest terms is a web site usually without all the bells and wishes that you can create to your personal liking. Blogging has become popular for a number of different reasons. It seems everyone is trying to make a few extra dollars on the Internet and blogging has step forward as one way to do it. Many people are making money in different ways with blogging. For example some of the more popular blogs are putting up ads, or giving their opinions about products on their blogs. This is usually consistent money that they earn monthly and comes in handy when they need a few extra dollars. Not everyone though is into making money with blogging, as some just want to express their opinions on different subjects.
From the war to everyday life blogs are being put up at an astounding rate. When blogging first started many people thought it would fade after time, but that hasn’t been the case at all. In fact the opposite is true every year more and more blogs are being put up on various subjects. Why blogs and not web sites? It’s really pretty simple actually blogs are much quicker to put up and in less than five minutes you are ready to go. Web sites can take time to design and get ready where blogs have templates already installed for people. It’s the perfect choice for newbies who really are not very Internet savvy and gets there feet wet on the computer without overwhelming them. Blogging continues to grow as bloggers are now being turned to as a news source before other traditional outlets. This gives blogging credibility which means blogging will grow even more and become even more main stream.
Blogging is growing so much many businesses are now using blogs to grow their businesses. This is one trend that will continue to grow as the future of blogging gets bigger. Video, pictures, and links can all be combined in a blog giving it the multimedia experience to the reader and the blogger. Blogging is here to stay and will only get bigger in the years to come. I’m sure more refinements will come to blogging, but right now it’s going to continue be an option for people who want to try the Internet in a non threatening way.


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