Ampegy- Is This A Legit Company?

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Ampegy is a new division of Spark Energy, a company set up in 1999. The organization is based in Houston and is also a independent energy and gas supplier. Spark Energy is present in 15 states.  They provide folks the opportunity to earn income by promoting gas and electric services where allowed by the deregulation of electricity and gas providers. Ampegy is presently open in seven states. I want point out that I am not an Ampegy representative so that you can rest assured that you are obtaining a real alternative party perspective in regards to the company and business opportunity. Ampegy was launched in Feb 2011

You’ll be able to join for less than $49.85 for the basic business building kit of course, if you want to qualify to become distributor, you simply must enroll 30 customers within Six months. You can also enroll at the very top level for $399.90. Whichever package you choose, you will also must pay a bill every month of $19.95 for your marketing & support costs. Whenever you join, additionally, you will get two replicated websites, one to sign up new customers and one that presents the business.

As a distributor for the biz opp, your career is to do certain things; gather customers and discover people who wish to build a business just like you. As you find and train business partners you leverage your time and energy. That is the way you build long-term wealth. Which is how you earn recurring income.

There are five means of earning earnings including immediate income in addition to reoccurring income.  The pay plan pays reps a base rate dependend on the KwH consumed monthly. The base rate is 25 cents per KwH ( Kilowatt Hour ) a month. This may not appear to be much, but it really can add up fast, in case you have a team that works the business everyday. Additional compensation includes a fast start bonus, and business development bonuses. So, incase you happen to be wondering there’s an unlimited earning potential with this particular company.

This opportunity is just smart since each person pays a power bill.and it is very lucrative for anyone willing to make the effort in working. One issue I see happening is that folks run out of people to speak to about the business. You need to find a way to continuously increase your warm market. Lots of people in this business structure plateau given that they aren’t sure how you can expose their business to folks they do not know.

After reading this article about Ampegy, you will aspire to activate your training and acquire marketing abilities that will bring you distributers to grow your business and be the captain you desire to be, Get access to our completely no cost resource guide, click here: Ampegy.


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